Happy New Year 🎊

I can’t believe how fast 2017 has come and gone. But I definitely want to start off my new year the right way. That is spiritually, emotionally and physically. Starting with the spiritual I bought this book to uplift me everyday so I can start off positively. My thoughts turn in to actions. So positive thoughts leads to positive actions. I truly believe that by starting my day with positive thoughts it will lead to a positive day. So a page a day will help ease me into positive things in conjunction to other things I will share with you guys later.

I’ve searched for a couple of weeks for the right devotional. Nothing seemed to grab my attention. Randomly I mentioned to my mother I wanted a 365 Devotional book and she suggested I go to a Christian book store called LIFE WAY. About the third book I picked up I opened this book and the first page was speaking to my soul. It was very important to me to have a relatable book . Something I can decipher which will bring me back to the book day after day. So far so good and I will definitely share post I feel are helpful. Hopefully all of you are starting your year off in all the right ways. Thanks for stopping by 😘

Luxury Skincare for Less 

If your anything like me your always looking for the best new product.  Well this time it’s my daily skincare regimen.   I’ve been through soap after soap after lotion after lotion and nothing has helped my skin feel exactly the way I want it.  Expensive to drugstore it ain’t working period.  I ran across the elf line in my travels.  I was very skeptical because I’ve always thought elf was sooooo cheap it’s not gonna do a darn thing.    But they have definitely stepped it up with their skincare line.  I’ve only bought these two products and they work like a charm. 

Combined these two products give my skin a great balance.  A smooth finish.  It is gentle but strong enough to even remove makeup.   This product does not state it is for acne but I can tell you I have not had any break outs using this product.   The elf skincare care line even has mask, scrubs and tools.  Which I will soon try myself.   If your looking for something new try this luxurious skincare for less and let me know what you think.  I picked up mine at my local target.   Thanks for stopping by loves 😘😘

Curly Cues

It has taken me all winter to find the perfect product combination to keep my curly hair moist, soft and defined.   It was so frustrating to the point where I wanted to give up.   The best and most expensive products have not done a thing for me.  But these three products have made the end of winter so pleasant hair wise.  First up…..

Aussie  Mega Moist!  Let’s be real it’s not hard to find a conditioner that works well.  But to find a cheap one that works well is another story.   I am no longer spending tons of money on expensive natural hair products to only get two good uses.  I buy this big bottle for only $4 and I’ve been using it for a good month and the bottle is still half full.  I use the as my leave in #majorkey to soft moist curls.  


Curls Blueberry Bliss Twist and Shout Cream!  This is definitely something to shout about.  I apply this after my leave in conditioner and I make sure I coat the hair with this product evenly.   I take my time applying this because this is what defines my curls.  You don’t need a lot of this product as it works very well and that is definitely helping with saving $$. 

 Last but not least….. 

Curls Goddess Curls Botanical Gelle!  When you think of gel you think of dry, hard hair.  But not with this.  It gives me the perfect hold without the hardness.  Giving my curls the best hold  ever! Soft bouncy curls that last all day.   This is the last product I apply to my hair before I braid my hair into two french braids and put on a bonnet and go to bed.  

Note:  I have never used this on a wash n go.  These products will also work well with transitioning hair.  

Let me know if you use any of these products.  

Foot Work

This is the best product I have ever put my hands on.   We often buy products thinking it will work and 9 times out of 10 it does absolutely nothing.   Fortunately this product really works miracles.  Once upon a time I’ve went so long without a pedicure (Don’t Judge Me).  Im talking a good five months, winter months.  I had dry, cracked feet.  It was disgusting.  I was too embarrassed to even go get a pedicure.  You know what I’m talking about ladies??  You have to do your own pedicure at home first before you can go to the salon because you know the Asian pedicurist is going to talk a bunch of stuff about you to the next one in their language lol.  Well this cream definitely will stop all that chatter from happening.  Im talking as soon as you apply this cream and rub it in you immediatley feel a difference.   I apply this cream after I get out the shower and put socks on and go straight to bed.  The next day I don’t even need a pumice stone anymore, my dry cracked heels are healed.   As of lately I’ve been putting this cream on my hands and sleeping with gloves for and even more intense treatment.  I had the roughest hands but not anymore.   Summer time is coming up ladies.  Stay summer time fine and always sandal ready with this cream.  IMG_0321Kiehl’s  

March Madness 

The only way for me to keep the month of March from turning into madness is my planner.  My memory is too bad to remember everything I have to do from work,  doctors appointments, birthday parties and things I need to buy.  I Found a cute planner that I don’t have to decorate myself from Micheals and it definitely makes planning less stressful and easier.  Not only that it’s affordable unlike some well know planners I won’t mention sssshhhhh!!!! Don’t forget my calming tea from Teavana.  Nothing like warm tea and planning.  March be good to me ❤️.  Links to everything down below.  Planner- Michaels

Pink pen- Any office supply store 

Mug- Teavana

Desk Do’s

It’s the little things that make me Happy.    My desk essentials and my decorations make my shared cubicle at work feel like a corner office with a window view haha! I have accents of gold as you can see.  Scroll down for details on my desk essentials. img_0109-2Initial Tumbler Kate Spade

Thoughts and Dreams Notebook – Marshalls

Gold Planner – Target but no longer on the site

Carmex – any pharmacy or any beauty supply store lol

Truffle lip liner (staple) NYX

Stone Matte Lipstick (Lipstick will vary from day to day ) Mac

Comfy Cowgirl

Wasn’t really feeling it today.  Just one of those days ( Monica’s Voice).   As you know outfit details down below……… Enjoy!fullsizerender-4Black Hat Top Shop

Olive green Cardigan Rainbow  ( don’t sleep on them lol )

Black leggings Forever 21

Black Cami Forever 21

Black Boots – Steve Madden -No longer available

Bag Forever 21

Flexi Rod Set

I literally asked my friend how do you make your curls last all day.  She said IDK flexi Rods??.   So guess what I did a flexi rod set and boom! this happened.  The best long lasting curls I ever achieved effortlessly.  Everything I used is mentioned down below.  Let me know if you want to see a tutorial and if you recreate send me pics. img_0103Hair –Cexxy Hair

Flexi Rods- 2 packs of the purple flexi rods from your local beauty supply store

Satin Scarf- Local beauty supply store.