Happy New Year 🎊

I can’t believe how fast 2017 has come and gone. But I definitely want to start off my new year the right way. That is spiritually, emotionally and physically. Starting with the spiritual I bought this book to uplift me everyday so I can start off positively. My thoughts turn in to actions. So positive thoughts leads to positive actions. I truly believe that by starting my day with positive thoughts it will lead to a positive day. So a page a day will help ease me into positive things in conjunction to other things I will share with you guys later.

I’ve searched for a couple of weeks for the right devotional. Nothing seemed to grab my attention. Randomly I mentioned to my mother I wanted a 365 Devotional book and she suggested I go to a Christian book store called LIFE WAY. About the third book I picked up I opened this book and the first page was speaking to my soul. It was very important to me to have a relatable book . Something I can decipher which will bring me back to the book day after day. So far so good and I will definitely share post I feel are helpful. Hopefully all of you are starting your year off in all the right ways. Thanks for stopping by 😘